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This page is here as I would like you to know my thoughts on curses, as more recently this has got a very bad press, with lots of psychics asking for huge sums of money** to remove so-called curses from people. This is especially so with people feeling the strain of the credit crunch.  This is just trading on the worry and anxiety that people find themselves in when all else seems lost, and pinning it on a curse ties in with all that goes with this mysterious side of life.

** Curse removal is in the process of being changed to payment by donation. This is to ensure that all who need this help will get it.Please ask me if you need this help now.

Though Some of you reading this will probably not believe me, it is actually extremely rare for people to be cursed.  This does not mean it is impossible.  And I personally have removed many curses from people over the years.  However I always look into this very carefully, and make the client fully aware of their situation, some wish to go ahead with a curse removal/clearance any way, and in which case I always base it on a clearance rather than the actual curse removal.  That is up to the individual client I will never tell you you are cursed if you're not.

A great deal of people come to me, normally in the region of two to three a day to tell me they feel they have been cursed, hexed or someone has placed the voodoo on them, or used some other mysterious magical means. I always treat it seriously and look at the situation for the person concerned.  However I will always be honest with them regarding my findings.

If I went along with each and every one of them, and went on to charge them and carry out curse removal I could make a fortune. It's very simple to convince someone who is having a very hard time of it with bad luck or a lot of negativity in their lives that someone is interfering  with black magic trying to ruin them. This is not my way at all. I believe in being honest and if you do have a problem that you would like me to look at I will give you an honest view of it.

Some people would rather hear that they are hexed or cursed than hear the truth, because it gives them a reason for the problems. If it really is a curse then there is a reason for the difficulty and the person is the victim of a malicious attack.

A lot of people that do this sort of thing will also want to tell others about it and brag. Quite often there is actually very little knowledge or experience and what they have done can still cause major problems for another without their realising the damage that is possible or they are creating. I usually ask people if they have anyone within their circle that knows about these things, pretends to know, or would have an interest in the dark arts as you do need to bear in mind that if you are cursed it has had to come from somewhere. Quite often people say no I don't know anyone like that, and then you do need to question who would curse someone they don't know or where would this curse really come from. Of course there are the occasional curses that are passed down generations, or carried out upon a family etc.

Before reading through the list though, I would suggest that you think logically about these things, this is not suggesting that your symptoms or problems are not real, but most of the things on the list can also be attributed to something else. Some of the illness, some of them bad luck, some of them fear, some of them stress, and also there is the possibility of a build up or negativity or even psychic attack. Psychic attack can come about when someone thinks bad enough thoughts and projects negative energy toward you. I have included the list below just to give an idea of what is possible in the range of symptoms, there are far more than this, I don't find it terribly helpful to list all of it as it can just be the start of sparking off much more fear for some people.

This is a list of some of the Symptoms-

Thinking through a fog, confusion and a true lack of clarity within your mind.

Having trouble with one realtionship after another.

People reacting to you in strange ways, or trying to insinuate that you are mad etc.

Freak accidents within the home or car etc.

Losing things all the time, possible job losses, lack of progression in life.

Making Lots of wrong choices, taking things the wrong way when people advise or talk to you.

Feeling drained for no apparent reason.

Any unusual objects found in your garden/outside your home etc, herbs/oils/jars etc

Lots of bad dreams or lack of fulfilling sleep.

Please remember that the things above happen to us all at some point in our lives, and that doesn't mean that we are all cursed, this is just a general guideline. All requests for divination is related to clearing of curses and checking of curses will be taken seriously, and it is also helpful if you do include who you believe could be the perpetrator here. Sometimes this is a very loose or vague link, and these things do happen but bear in mind that most people (not all) do not go around cursing others. 

Curses do exist, but it is rare. they also require a great deal of focus in order to work, and for that reason a high percentage do fail. Cursing is something I have a true hands off policy on, apart from the removal of the rare ones I do find. If you still feel that you need to discuss this , or want me to look at your individual case, please email me via the contact form here, or call me.

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