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Do's and Dont's When Using Spells

Some Do's and Don'ts in Spells- Just some suggested guidelines for spells :) I don't claim to be the all knowing one! I'm not! But these are things I have experience of and it may just make a difference to your case, whether I am casting for you, another witch is casting for you or even if you are casting your own spells. 

The most important thing I can say here is to try to keep calm and resist the urge to play games. Negative actions will draw negative responses. This is the last thing you need going into your spell castings and it will set things back.

Do trust that your spell will work, it's so important that you try to remain positive about your spell castings and it's also a rare event that nothing occurs when a spell is cast. I know it's not always easy to remain positive when you are hurt or in pain, but it really does help if you can keep a positive outlook.

Patience is one of the most important things with spell casts. Although spells do start to work immediately they are cast, This is the first moment that the energy is released. they are not miracles and its important that you try to have patience whilst your spells are building and manifesting.

Do be realistic, things don't usually change instantly, although some lucky people find this happens its the exception rather than the rule. This also applies to actually knowing the person if it is a love spell request, just an open and honest account of your situation at the start will help.

If you are lucky enough to be in contact still with your ex partner or desired one, my suggestion is that you try to maintain light contact. This means that you reply to messages that they send you in a friendly and calm manner, do not get carried away and send lots of questions. But try to remain positive and upbeat. The object of the exercise here is to keep the contact open but not to overdo it. If you push too hard especially at the start of your castings you could cause the object of your desire to feel overwhelmed, especially if they have asked for space. And this will have the effect that they will not contact you again for fear of it or getting out of hand and you becoming obsessive and a pest.

Do ask me,  if you have concerns or worries or there is something you do not understand. I am always approachable and will answer your query as quickly as possible. I cant always promise to answer right away as I may be on readings or casts. But I will always reply!

If there is no contact with your desired one at the start of your castings it is wise to allow things to progress a little before you attempt to make any contact. Generally I advise that you contact me and we talk things through before you do this. This is generally so that the right approach is taken and things do not get out of hand, or you get into a situation where you do not know the right thing to say. If they contact you out of the blue, which of course is what we are hoping for then I would suggest that you do play things cool and calm, but certainly avoid becoming aloof. Just because you are working with spells you must not let your common sense go out of the window, and become blasé about these things. So friendly and polite replies, but no recriminations at this stage is generally a rule of thumb.

Do understand that spells work differently for each individual. What has worked perfectly for you may not be ideal for your friend and vice versa. Although sometimes comparing notes is comforting, bear in mind it can also be misleading as your situation may not be the same as your friends on many levels. Spells work in many different ways, and quite often they are working under the surface quite some time before any sign of manifestation appears on the mundane level.

Do not bombard an ex-partner or loved one with lots of messages/phone calls, as this is rarely the way forward. Usually this makes the person feel that their initial reactions and desire to break up a relationship was indeed the correct one. You do not want to be affirming this to them in this negative manner especially at the start of your casting. I strongly advise against pestering people or becoming obsessive, and although I do fully understand this is difficult at times when the temptation is to get in touch or send someone one more message, the last thing you want them to do is to think that you have turned into a crazy stalker!! If someone is refusing to answer a message sending more and more is not generally the way forward.

Be careful what you wish for-you might just get it! It's always important to make sure that you really are 100% certain that this is your true desire, and that it is not just ego based or something that you have done on the spur of the moment. This also goes for revenge castings which I do not give out or generally advise on but lots of people do themselves. It's wise to remember what goes around comes around when redirecting bad energy towards people.

Do not get blasé just because you're having a spell casting. The way you want things to unfold for you is in a manner that is natural, progressive and calm. Control issues will always crop up and cause problems for you if you set out in this manner. It's usually best to keep details of your spells to yourself, or certainly only people you trust implicitly.

Do not say things that you don't mean. By this I mean stating that “I don't want you anyway” “I'm better off without you” or other negative responses. If that is what you truly mean then maybe you should reconsider why you are casting spells on this situation or person. Try not to say negative statements as thoughts and actions can affect the outcome of your spells, or certainly the progress of them. As it can in daily life without the influences of spells.

Do ask me about what to try casting if you are in doubt. I will always advise if i can. Sometimes there are simple candle burning rituals that you can carry out at home, and even if these are only to calm your own energy and bring positivity into your situation it can help quite a lot.

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