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Individual Crafted Love Spells Cast with Care

Love spells. Genuine Love Spells crafted with care. Powerful spell help

The spells below have special significance to me. They are powerful love spells but safe and you will be protected at all times. There are spells below with 7 Casts or my Custom Spell which is 28 castings and offers excellent value. These all include 7 castings of your chosen spell.

Love Spells Cast, 7 spells cast £170

Love links boost, as the name suggests the aim of this powerful spell is to re-boost the love links that were there originally but ensure that I clear any negativity that may have occurred within a break up first. It is a very strong spell that is ideal if the links are fading fast & you feel someone is slipping away from you, or appears to be losing interest we- you and I between us- may be able to catch things before it’s too late and repair those links in order to get your relationship back on track. I do cast all of it for you, but do require a good level of communication with you to ease this along. It's possible to use this spell if you have had the break up already, but it needs to be recent. Please ask me if you are unsure.This one comes with three choices for this spell, it can be 2 clearings and 5 love link boosts. Or from 1 clearing and 6 love link boosts. Or 7 Love link boosts and no clearing. This is the least chosen option though.
7 casts


Empowerment boost, this is a combination of clearing works followed quickly by empowerment to get rid of the negativity that could be lurking and replacing it with lovely positive energy and sparkle. Helps with magnetism, confidence and general feeling of well being. 7 casts

Heal and repair, this is a spell that is based on restoring energy, resolving problems and helping to bring clarity. It is a very healing spell, but is NOT the same as just healing. This can be used on many different situations as diverse as getting over lost love through to restoring peace with an angry or stubborn boss!! 7 casts

Fix it, as the name implies this spell is ideal when there is a sitution that needs fixing, settling or moving. Its all about creating change. It can be used for banishing if the need arises or stopping a trouble maker. its custom cast so ideal for the spell where you need it to be intense and exact, but there isnt a dedicated spell listed. 7 casts

Complete Custom Spell, this 7 casting spell is built from scratch using all of your information and details, background, photos. A Powerful and precise spell for when you are really serious about creating change in your situation. (total of 7 casts)

4 weeks Casting. 28 Day custom spell. £200

28 day deep, exact and precisely cast custom spell Ideal for allsorts of situations that can be helped with a month of solid, practical and indepth professional standard spell sorkings and casts. Individually crafted to get to the bottom of your true issue. 28 spell casts Generally these spells are suitable for situation/issues that are not so deep-rooted or long-standing. I will where possible cast this series for you rather than suggesting the intense spells, but this can be slightly different in the case of reconciliation and long-term love affair problems, where they do generally need extra work to be carried out. This is not a single spell cast for you, but a series, which offers the best flexibility and very good value for money.

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