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Other Named and Custom Spells

I offer a range of rituals and other workings for all that need my help with a spell or ritual.. 

The available help ranges from a double spell or ritual or working for top ups or simple things that need a hand to heal or get fixed right up to higher level work that’s really not for the fainthearted. And which I will only go into individually when in contact with one of my clients and with a lot of thought, advice and other options first. The people I work with on these very high levels are people I know and trust well and whilst I’m not talking about Black Magic or anything underhand- not anything like that, there does need to be an extra level of understanding when working on this levels- as I said it’s not for the fainthearted! But please know that everyone I work with is protected along with me within their ritual or working and is perfectly safe. I would not have it any other way.

The spells below cover all sorts of situations.They are just £69andall of the spells below all consist of 2 casts.Excellent value for a real witch casting for you
Other spells available are the more intense spells over 4 weeks. These are the only ones I do now.

The crystal shield spell is a powerful protecting spell that will help to dispel negative energies and vibrations around you, and repel bad feelings that could be being sent toward you. This spell is carried out over two days, and then the empowered and charged crystal will be sent out to you. This will help to bond and continue the shielding process directly around you. This spell is £69 2 spell casts £69

Lemon uplifting spell, A spell that will help to remove tension between friends or lovers, or in the workplace, this spell is worked over two days always on a weekend. It is a natural calming spell that will help to settle the balance between friends or colleagues. This spell is £69 2 spell casts

Protection spell. this is a powerful protection spell. it includes 2 casts just £69 £69

My traditional blessing and protection spell goes back through history as being one of the most powerful to be used in this area. It is a two-day spell, and it is useful for protection and blessings of individuals. This spell is £69 2 spell casts

A spell to bring harmony at home or at work. This spell is worked over two days, it involves the use of crystals and oils as well as leaves and twigs. It is a very natural spell and is worked with earth energies in order to bring peace and harmony into your life. This spell comes complete with a bottle of peace oil which will be sent to you after your spell is complete. This spell is £69 2 spell casts

These Clearances and cleansings spells are ideal for removing curses, hexes, psychic attack, or ill wishing. Removing spells that you no longer want to be active. Removing redundant spells, removing spells the did not work for you. Clearances and cleansings. Helping to move on nuisance neighbours. This is not a single spell cast but a double casting, which offers very good value for money.  2 spell casts

Removal of Negativity, this is a spell for when there are blockages or obstacles on your path. Or if you feel that someone or a group of people around you are causing a problem for you through no fault of your own. Please explain the problem in depth to give me the best chance of helping you fully resolve any issues. 2 spell casts

Enhancement and empowerment spells These include Protection spells, spells to give you your sparkle back if you're feeling down or have experienced a lot of problems. Enhancing your abilities in a given area. Spells to help increase your intuition and spirituality. Spells to help sell property. Spells to help pass exams and tests. Blessings of home, property and people. This is a double castof spells. £69 2 spell casts

Work and business. These spells are suitable for finding a new job, helping you to gain a promotion, getting a new business out of the ground. Boosting a business. Achieving good grades in career based exams. Gaining contracts in business. Becoming self-employed. £69 2 spell casts

Remove an unwanted Lover If you are in a relationship that is not serving you well, or you are being controlled and manipulated or bullied then this could be the spell for you. This is a traditional spell that calls upon the powers to help us to cut the ties in a relationship there is no longer wanted or one that has become destructive. This does not harm the other person, but it does give you the boost that you need in order to move forward along your life path. There will be a small part for you to do but it will only require you to dispose of some ashes after I have cast your spells. This spell is £69 2 spell casts

Repair a friendship. This is a specific spell for when you have fallen out with a friends through cross words or a disagreement or some sort. It is a soothing and healing spell and I will need the background to the situation so I can tailor the spell directly for your needs. This isn't a love spell as such, but can be used for friends of both sexes.2 spell casts

2 cast custom spell. Ideal for allsorts of situations that can be helped with a double casting. 2 spell casts £69

Elemental Spells Series This elemental series of spells consists of 7 individual ritual castings, cast 4 times each. so effectively you get 28 castings, 4 weeks work.. And are suitable for spells such as, to find a new job, communication spells, confidence spells, protection and curse removal, Fidelity spells, remove negativity, remove curse or hex. Removing psychic attack. Attracting positive energy. Generally these spells are suitable for situation/issues that are not so deep-rooted or long-standing. I will where possible cast this series for you rather than suggesting the intense spells, but this can be slightly different in the case of reconciliation and long-term love affair problems, where they do generally need extra work to be carried out. This is not a single spell cast for you, but a series, which offers very good value for money.

Intensified reinforced spell series The more intense and longer spell series are ideal for complicated reconciliation cases, drawing a new lover, commitment within relationships, to increase business, to get a business of the ground, to repair broken friendships, to sell a house or property, abundance, to remove problems associated with nuisance neighbours and much much more, generally if the situation has been going on a long time, or quite a lot of castings have already been carried out by other people or yourself to no avail then these are the spells that you may be better off with. These spells are a longer more intense series of spells. plus a series of spells to reinforce the ritual castings and a series to intensify these rituals, so effectively this is 3 series of castings in one which equates to 28 castings, 4 weeks workings and rituals. Please note there can at times be a little wait for this spell as I am only able to book 4 people onto this at a time.

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I am a natural clairvoyant and interpret what I see and hear with the assistance of my guides as well as calling upon the angelic realms. I also use both tarot and Angel Cards or even my Crystal Ball if they are your preferred methods. The choice is yours.