Life Long Clairvoyant and White Witch

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In order to be able to carry out a spell consultation or assessment I will need some initial information from you so that I can undertake some divinations this part is a free of charge service, so you will not have committed to anything.

All I need is your name and date of birth, and a short outline of your situation or need. If you are looking to bring a partner back or to attract a certain person then I’m happy to look at them as well with a view to doing this. For this I would also need their name and date of birth, or if you don’t have this information the age, birth sign or month will be helpful. To request I look at your situation regarding any possible spell work please complete the spell assessment form below. Please be as truthful and open as you can be and I will be honest with you in return. This is a genuine service for people who need my help. Please note I am UK based (BST)  I will always answer your query/calls if I am able to, but I do cast my spells and carry out psychic readings, if I am unable to answer please leave me a message with your name and number and I will return text/call but please see above for the procedure of spell assessment.. I am UK Based and I do ask that you remember any time differences before calling. I do not answer calls or Texts in the middle of the night!

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Psychic Readings

What skills do you use inyour psychic readings?

I am a natural clairvoyant and interpret what I see and hear with the assistance of my guides as well as calling upon the angelic realms. I also use both tarot and Angel Cards or even my Crystal Ball if they are your preferred methods. The choice is yours.